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Software Training

Software Training in Surat

Best Software Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is a leading Software Training centre in surat. We offer the best Software Training in Surat.


Software training in Surat

Best Software Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is a leading Software Training centre in surat. We offer the best Software Training in Surat.
We are offering training on following technologies and languages:

PHP training,BCA Project Training in Surat, MCA Project Training in Surat, BSC IT Project training in Surat,
MSC IT Project Training in Surat,B-tech Project training in Surat, Colleage Project Training in Surat,
Mobile Application Development,Android Project training in Surat,Iphone Project Training Surat,
Learn SEO in Surat, Internet Marketing Surat, PHP Project training in surat, Android project training in surat,
NET Project training in sura, Project training BCA in surat, PHP,ASP.NET,C#,Java,Android training in Surat,
Live Project Training in surat.
PHP Training in Surat:

PHP, The beauty of PHP remains in its easiness. It is easy to understand and study, especially for
those with education is in programming such as C, C++, Java and HTML. With combination of server
side and client side scripting you can create highly formatted PHP Pages which is can be used by end user
(Technical/ Non –Technical User). If non technical user can develop project in PHP, so it’s not difficult
to MCA students to develop live project in PHP.

PHP support the server interface, database interface, and other module interface.
PHP support many other open sources like Joomla, WordPress, OSCommerece, megento
and using this you can create very fast, attractive, user-friendly CMS based application.
PHP is used now days more than other programming language just because of it support the
other open source, Joomla, wordpress’s basic programming written using PHP. Using one of
the open source named OSCommerece we can easily create the E-Commerce site within minimum
no of hours.PHP is the best language for MCA students, because MCA students can get job
in IT industry by learning PHP language.
ASP Training in Surat:

ASP. net is an greta opportunity which is in greta demand. It is a new technology to be
carry out scripts on Internet Server.It permit us to create web application easily. SoftTrinity
IT Solutions provide ASP.Net Training Course that covers each and every aspects of ASP.Net in detail.
Any web application that has been created by Asp.Net is simple by nature, can be easily repair
and set out painlessly since all tasks are performed in a single development environment.

Topics included in training course are as mentioned below:

- Java script
- Introduction to .Net
- Server Controls
– Advance Server Controls
– Validation Controls
– Master Pages
– Themes & Skin
– What is IIS and IIS Configuration
- Data Management in ADO
- Data Binding in ASP.NET
- Site Navigation
- Login Controls
- State Management
– Debugging and Error Handling
ANDROID Training in Surat:

Android is an open source mobile operating system that was developed and launched by Google.
Over the years Android has taken the lead in the number of phones the operating system is installed on.
Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms and is expected to grow even faster
as tablets and smartphones have become more common.At SoftTrinity ou will learn android training
program within 10-12 weeks.It can help you to create small and large adroid based applcations.We
not only teach the students how to program, develop and visualize the apps but also the we teach
them how to sell them into the Android market place.

Topics included in ANDROID Training course are as mentioned below

- Learning with Android OS
- Multiscreen Introduction
- First Sample App Development
- All controls Media & Database
- Web Services/ API & Json Parsing
- Live Application Demo
- Testing on App on Android Phone & Tab
- Application Publishing on Google Play Store

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