SAP Upgradation

SAP Upgradation

SAP upgradation

SAP Upgradation is key service provided by softtrinity. SAP is a constantly evolving suite of products. Clearly, keeping pace with these advances is a must for any corporation. SAP is an ERP that never stops improvement over its previous versions. SAP team is continuously working to improve the software in terms of newer features, incorporate new market trends, removing rarest of bugs, expanding its reach etc. As the time passes, SAP keeps on sending new patches, releases and versions to its existing clients provided the client is under AMC of SAP. However, the sheer size and complexity of SAP solutions make this task daunting. As your business grows SAP grows with it. However, one can chose to be discrete and not avail these facilities by SAP until he is ready for an upgrade.

These upgrades require consulting skills where SAP Upgradation consulting team can help you achieve the required level of SAP upgradation. A typical version upgrade may require incorporating changes in hardware, software platform, databases etc. and hence requires a study to map the changes required.

Key features in a good SAP Upgrade project:

There should be no major changes in the standard functionality.
An effective continuity plan must be used to minimize system downtime.
The users should require minimum training to understand the new features.
There should be a thorough regression testing.
All the modifications should be cleared.
Change management has to be planned at all levels.
Hardware sizing should be precise & up to date.
Effective Risk Management strategy should be devised.

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