SAP MM Training


SAP is a high-end sophisticated ERP solution, which provides integrated and real time system for the organization. Evolution of ERP started from Material Requirement Planning. SAP is business process driven system. SAP has various modules based on business function like:


FI: Financial accounting

CO: Controlling

MM: Material Management

SD: Sales and Distribution

PP: production Planning

PM: Plant Maintenance

PS: Project system etc…..

SAP also provide for industry solution and country specific taxation in multi-language and currency.

SAP-MM module covers business process for external procurement of materials and services, determination of sources of supply for requirement, monitoring of deliveries, and invoice verification of bills submitted by vendors, inventory management function and Material requirement planning.SoftTrinity Provide sap mm training By advanced knowledgeable expert in surat


Organization structure is basic framework of system implemented. Basic sap mm training structure has:

  • Company code: Independent Legal entity; its FI organization entity
  • Plant: It is an organization unit serving to sub divide organization according to production, procurement, maintenance and material planning. Place where materials are produced or goods and services are provided
  • Storage Location: An organization unit

SAP MM training Master Data comprises of:

  • Material Master: The material master contains all data required to define and manage integrates from Sales and distribution, purchasing, accounting, production and other departments
  • Service Master
  • Vendor master
  • Purchasing info record

End to end procurement of goods and materials are captured under SAP MM Training module:

Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Goods Receipt Invoice verification Bill payment

Release procedures:

–         Allow a company to maintain control over what is purchased.

–         Can be defined for requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, and request for quotations.

Inventory management involves the receipt, storage, control and disbursement of materials and supplies

SAP’s Inventory Management system allows you to

  1. Manage your stocks on a quantity and value basis
  2. The stocks are managed not only on a quantity basis but also by value – a prerequisite for cost accounting. With every goods movement, the following values are updated:
  • The stock value for inventory management
  • The account assignment for cost accounting
  • The corresponding G/L accounts for financial accounting via automatic account assignment

Logistics Invoice Verification in Materials Management serves the following purposes:

It completes the materials procurement process In SAP MM Training

It allows invoices that do not originate in materials procurement

(for example, services, expenses, course costs, etc.) to be processed

It allows credit memos to be processed, either as invoice cancellations or discounts


Valuation Procedure and Price Control: In SAP MM Training the R/3 System, material valuation can be carried out according to the moving average price procedure (V price) or the standard price procedure (S price).

The main function of SAP Material Requirements Planning is to guarantee material availability, it is used to procure or produce the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing,coming Days SoftTrinity offered candidate world wide to know sap mm training by SoftTrinity

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