SoftTrinity Requirements for a Mobile App Privacy Policy

As noted above, there are 3 sources of the Privacy Policy requirement: International laws, mobile app stores and third party app services.

International Laws

Laws around the world require that if your website/mobile app collects and uses personal information from users, you must provide users with access to a Privacy Policy.

Note that while most of these laws started with the goal of protecting internet and website users, they now apply to mobile apps because the two are so closely related. Often, a mobile app is just the mobile version of the standard website.

Also, because the laws were created with an aim towards protecting consumer privacy, they are interpreted to be broad in scope to offer maximum protection. This means they will apply to mobile apps as well as websites, and the laws have been updated to reflect this.

2. Scope of this Policy

This Policy applies to information you provide to us or that we collect automatically when you visit, access, use, or register with one or more Apps and when you interact with App content or applications that may link to or be accessible from or on the App that are provided or managed by a third party. This Policy does not apply to information we collect when you visit or use the SoftTrinity Website or otherwise, such as when you communicate with us through email, text, or other electronic means. For information regarding how we collect and use information when you visit or use the SoftTrinity Website, including web-based pages accessible through our Apps, please refer to our Website Privacy Policy.

This Policy will tell you:

  • Who collects information;
  • What types of information are collected and how this is done;
  • How SoftTrinity uses and discloses the information that is collected;
  • Your rights to view and correct information that you voluntarily submit to us;
  • How SoftTrinity secures your information;
  • How we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act; and
  • Where you can get answers to your questions about this Policy.

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