Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software is used for manage hotel management efficiently.
Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software has following features for – General User:

Dynamic Rate Displays
Multi Property Display for Chains
Room and Hotel Image Gallery
Room and Hotel Description
Guest History Profiles
Online Reservation Modification
Online Cancellation
Payment Processing
Multi-user, Multi-access control system
Reservation/Front Office
CheckIn-CheckOut Process

Reports Features :
General Reports using hotel management software :

Inventory report
Cancellation report
Daily Guset checkIn report
Daily Guset checkOut report
Daily Guest Status report
Staff report


Room name/number
Room Bed Type (Dorm Bed, Twin, Double,
Triple, Campsite)
Dorm Beds are noted as by
type: Male/Female/Co-Ed
Bath – private or shared
Taxed – Yes/No (all are default ‘yes’ except for campsite)
Number of extra beds possible (default is 0)
Photos – upload and store room photos: exterior and interior

Store Inventory in hotel management software

You can:

Create profit centers: Gift shops, restaurants, etc.
Enter product name, brief description, price
Declare it a taxable or non-taxable item

Profit centers are non- inventorial; sales are tracked without an on hand balance.


You can create and assign local taxes to sale type. Currently, the application only handles two tax rates: occupancy tax for rooms and sales tax for POS purchases

Front Desk

Here your employees can login and access all functionality associated with the day-to-day front desk operations including spa and group management. You will always be informed of your guests needs via this module.

Create a New Guest

credit card(s)
references attributes

Access Report

Access report of guests scheduled to arrive/depart for a specific date Print check-in cards for all/selected guest for a specific date Check-in guests as they arrive

Edit Reservations: past, present & future – change dates, rooms etc.

Re-assign guests to a different room
Split reservations: account for people who may change rooms during a single visit
Note if the guest has requested a specific room
Note circumstances that mandate the room cannot be changed

Add charges to the rooms including gift shop, spa and restaurant charges

Check-out guests including form of payment(s) including checks, traveler’s checks and credit cards. For non-cash payments a reference number is collected (check number, authorization code etc) Receive transaction data from a credit card swipe machine


Make group reservations for two or more rooms reserved under one name.

Dynamic and flexible despite being ease to use
Ensure capacity for the entire group.
individuals are assigned to specific rooms – potentially with varying arrival and departure dates— at a later time
Single payment made for the rooms booked by the group
Individual payments made for the rooms booked by the group

The room association with the group reservation is maintained at all times and the group leader’s details are always available for reference.

Hotel Snapshot

Access an interactive visual matrix of all rooms. In this detailed overview of the hotel; the status —available/reserved/checked-in/out/blocked— along with guest’s last name is available. By clicking on detail, the user can access information about that room including

Guest’s details
Reservation details
New reservation assignment
This way hotel management software is very useful for managing hotel’s detail.

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