School Management Software

College and School Management Software has education’s most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire college community in real time.

College And School Management Software

We are offering College And School Management Software solution for managing educational institutions such as colleges, schools and universities. Having been developed based on Microsoft Dot Net technologies, it allows you to use the enterprise-wide information from an integrated database, website and also easily you can track your all College And School Management activities and departments.

College And School Management Software has following Features :

Campus Management
Department Management
Admission Management
Student Management
Staff Management
Hostel Management
Transport Management
Examination Management
Library Management
Accounts Management
Inventory Management
Laboratory Management
General Management
Management Report System

College And School Management Software has some benifits :

More Open and easy interaction with Administration & Faculty.
Instant access to all the day to day information related to child.
Possible to monitor the performance of their child from anywhere anytime on the internet.
Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system.
Save hours and money in lots of communication aspects.
Access to Grades, Attendance, Fee status, exam schedule, announcements for students.
Proactive measures like SMS, email that keeps them in the loop.

School management software is a step towards taking the education to the next revolution after internet. It becomes inevitable for every institution to keep its repute high and make their, a flagship institution; this challenge can only be met with planned administration and by having the desired control over the activities happening in and around the campus.

School management software system is a web-based global application, which helps in managing student data in schools, colleges and/or universities located in multiple cities. Now-a-days, usage of this software has been drastically increased because of the fact that this tool can be used from anywhere and at any time by various systems for multi purposes. School management software services are online admission, data storage, grade book, E-learning, attendance, schedule management, student performance track, accounting and reporting.

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