word SAP means “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing”.



SAP system needs to be refreshed. There are online SAP ACCESS too. One Can Access SAP modules via SAP servers with the help of laptop or computer.

There are several videos and online training centers too, that provide information Regarding SAP IDES and its how to ACCESS that.

You can Browse and ACCESS SAP IDES and you can use SAP server anytime you want.
There are live SAP IDES ACCESS hubs too, from which you can increase your learning of SAP.

some solutions for  SAP IDES ACCESS are :

  • SAP BW / 4 HANA SPS1  Remote Server Access
  • SAP IDES ECC 6.6 + SAP IDES BI 7.3 Servers


SAP MM Training


SAP is a high-end sophisticated ERP solution, which provides integrated and real time system for the organization. Evolution of ERP started from Material Requirement Planning. SAP is business process driven system. SAP has various modules based on business function like:


FI: Financial accounting

CO: Controlling

MM: Material Management

SD: Sales and Distribution

PP: production Planning

PM: Plant Maintenance

PS: Project system etc…..

SAP also provide for industry solution and country specific taxation in multi-language and currency.

SAP-MM module covers business process for external procurement of materials and services, determination of sources of supply for requirement, monitoring of deliveries, and invoice verification of bills submitted by vendors, inventory management function and Material requirement planning.SoftTrinity Provide sap mm training By advanced knowledgeable expert in surat


Organization structure is basic framework of system implemented. Basic sap mm training structure has:

  • Company code: Independent Legal entity; its FI organization entity
  • Plant: It is an organization unit serving to sub divide organization according to production, procurement, maintenance and material planning. Place where materials are produced or goods and services are provided
  • Storage Location: An organization unit

SAP MM training Master Data comprises of:

  • Material Master: The material master contains all data required to define and manage integrates from Sales and distribution, purchasing, accounting, production and other departments
  • Service Master
  • Vendor master
  • Purchasing info record

End to end procurement of goods and materials are captured under SAP MM Training module:

Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Goods Receipt Invoice verification Bill payment

Release procedures:

–         Allow a company to maintain control over what is purchased.

–         Can be defined for requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, and request for quotations.

Inventory management involves the receipt, storage, control and disbursement of materials and supplies

SAP’s Inventory Management system allows you to

  1. Manage your stocks on a quantity and value basis
  2. The stocks are managed not only on a quantity basis but also by value – a prerequisite for cost accounting. With every goods movement, the following values are updated:
  • The stock value for inventory management
  • The account assignment for cost accounting
  • The corresponding G/L accounts for financial accounting via automatic account assignment

Logistics Invoice Verification in Materials Management serves the following purposes:

It completes the materials procurement process In SAP MM Training

It allows invoices that do not originate in materials procurement

(for example, services, expenses, course costs, etc.) to be processed

It allows credit memos to be processed, either as invoice cancellations or discounts


Valuation Procedure and Price Control: In SAP MM Training the R/3 System, material valuation can be carried out according to the moving average price procedure (V price) or the standard price procedure (S price).

The main function of SAP Material Requirements Planning is to guarantee material availability, it is used to procure or produce the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing,coming Days SoftTrinity offered candidate world wide to know sap mm training by SoftTrinity

SAP FICO training

SAP FICO training

Welcome to sap fico training Tutorials, Free sap fico training, Sap Tutorial, Sap Online sap FICO training, SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP SD, SAP ABAP, SAP HCM and all other modules.

SAP is a high-end sophisticated ERP solution, which provides integrated and real time system for the organization. SAP is business driven system. SAP has various modules based on business function like:

FI: Financial accounting
CO: Controlling
MM: Material Management
SD: Sales and Distribution
PP: production Planning
PM: Plant Maintenance
PS: Project system etc…..
SoftTrinity Provide by sap fico training also provide for industry solution and country specific taxation in multi-language and currency.

SAP- Financial Accounting provides for legal and external reporting. It supports to create Balance-sheet, Income statement and statement of financial position in real time. SAP FICO training is highly efficient module used all across the companies for maintaining books of accounts based on the accounting standards provided by company’s act of any country. It also support extended features like parallel valuation, budgeting, GAAP accounting, and consolidation. It is the backbone of any SAP implementation, as SAP is an integrated solution.Softtrinity Offered first time in surat SAP FICO training

Basic structure of SAP FI training is as below:
• Organization Structure
• General ledger
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Bank Accounting
• Asset Accounting

Organization structure is basic framework of system implemented. Basic sap fico training structure has:
• Company : Organization entity
• Company code: Independent Legal entity
• Business Area: Co Code independent entity used for fetching segmental reports
• Profit center: Co Code independent entity used for fetching segmental reports
• Functional Area: Area of operations
• Credit control Area: For credit management of customers
General ledger initiates with Chart of Accounts, it has entire index of GL accounts. Master data of every Ledger is created and accounting entries are posted. General ledger covers scenarios like, accounting for expenses, interest, rent, adjustment entries, salary posting etc. We can fetch reports for individual ledgers as well as for all together. Trial balance and Financial statement version (B/S) is also online real time available Dual check or maker and checker concept is also present. Every transaction is recorded and provides for audit trails.

Accounts Payable is sub-ledger concept which provides online and real time balance sheet updated with current liabilities. It is linked with GL with reconciliation account. Vendor master is created with all the specifications related to vendors. Bill booking, advance payments, payment to vendors, clearing of invoice and advance against payment are general business process available. Vendor/Supplier ledger is created simultaneously. Correspondence with the vendors and various reports like ageing etc is also available.
Accounts Receivables is sub-ledger concept which provides online and real time balance sheet updated with current assets. It is linked with GL with reconciliation account. Customer master is created with all the specifications related to customers. Bill booking, advance received, payment from customers, clearing of invoice and advance against receipt are general business process available. Customer ledger is created simultaneously. Correspondence with the customer, credit management and various reports like ageing etc is also available.

Bank accounting is related with all bank related processes like, manual/electronic payment, receipts, bank reconciliation. Petty cash transactions are also done. It also supports Interface with banks. House bank and Bank key are main master data created here. It is closely integrated with GL accounts
Asset accounting is closely integrated with Financial Accounting. Mainly asset master is created all specifications like, capitalization date, depreciation calculation formulae, plant, cost center, location, vendor etc. Business process like procurement of asset, transfer, and revaluation/impairment, sale/scrap/retirement of asset and depreciation calculation is taken care of. Asset register is online rea time maintained. It is integrated with SAP MM/PS/PM/CO/SD modules.

Learning SAP FI module is evolutionary way of doing Accounting!!!!!!!!!!

Software Developers Jobs

Software Developers Jobs

Best software developers jobs in surat-Softtrinity is the best company providing software developer jobs in surat for great future opportunities to the IT Professionals


software developers jobs in surat

Best software developers jobs in surat-Softtrinity is the best company providing software developers jobs in surat for great future opportunities to the IT Professionals.It is excellent in ERP Solutions and SAP upgradation IT company in surat.Candidates who want to make their career in IT have a great future in terms of earning and SAP upgraded technology with it jobs in surat

we offered following for software developer jobs in Surat As of now we are having huge requirements of IT Freshers i.e.MSc.IT/BSc.IT/BE.IT/BE.Comp/Dip.Comp./MCA/BCA.

We are having following software developer jobs in surat.Candidates interested and suitable can apply:

Job Requirement:

We are looking for a PHP developer who is dedicated to his craft, writes code that is proud of and
can hit the ground running. We need you to write beautiful, fast PHP to a high standard, in a timely
and scalable way that improves the code-base of our products in meaningful ways.

You will be a part of a creative team that is responsible for all aspects of the ongoing software
development from the initial specification, through to developing, testing and launching.

PHP Developer:

Job Description:
-To write clean well designed code
-To produce detailed specifications
-To troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality
-To contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
-To follow industry best practices
-To develop and deploy new features to facilitate related procedures and tools if necessary

Framework :Codeigniter, CakePHP
CMS :Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal,Wikis, osCommerce

Salary Criteria:
Best as per industry standards.

Freshers and experienced both can apply. Developer:

Job Description:

-To analyse and design systems
-To integrate knowledge of business and customer requirements into design
-To Code for development, maintenance, and functionality updates
-To work with C#, SQL, MySQL, and related development tools
-Testing new and existing applications
-To Maximize usability for end users
-System installation and maintenance
-To integrate new technologies into system design

-Visual Studio (, c#, WCF, MVC)
-SQL Server

Salary Criteria:
Best as per industry standards.

Freshers and experienced both can apply.

IT Jobs in surat

IT jobs in surat

Unleash your IT skills by working with softtrinity, apply now for php, .net, asp, java developer, IT jobs in surat.SAP jobs in surat,sap abap training

it jobs in surat copy



IT jobs in surat

Welcome to Softtrinity IT solutions,softtrinity offers IT jobs in Surat,Gujarat.mostly targeted highly talented fresher or experience IT professionals in JOBS in surat.

Softtrinity IT jobs in Surat for sap ABAP candidates for more opportunities get jobs in MNC companies in Bangalore ,Chennai ,Pune, Hyderabad and u.s.a

Softtrinity provide SAP training jobs and placements for IT resource companies in india since three years softtrinity is the best in erp service provider,Support the essential functions of your business processes IT JOBS IN SURAT .operations through the mastery of our enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

Softtrinity provide seems 2012 and provide best PHP,ASP.NET,SAP best IT jobs in Surat Whether you want to sharpen your SAP solution skills or would like to add to your scope of knowledge, there is a certification option that’s right for you. Certification provides a clear differentiator for you and your organization, and is the mark of excellence in a competitive business environment.

Softtrinity start first SAP learning center in Surat to enhance skill on right place with SAP ERP,sap is huge ERP software provider in the world ,Softtrinity also Provide leadership for the use of teaching, collaboration, and classroom technology tools.

Do you enjoy applying your technical expertise to involve IT jobs in surat. Signature Consultants is seeking an IT Engineer to join our dynamic team Established in 2012, we are committed to providing our clients and consultants with superior staffing solutions focused on quality, service, and results.

lets join Serve on planning and policy making. committees Recruit train and build. a world-class global SOFTTRINITY IT team.

“Softtrinity provide best IT jobs in surat for PHP Devlopers.”

“Softtrinity provide best IT jobs in surat for ASP.NET candidate.”

“Softtrinity provide best IT jobs in surat for SAP cadidates.”

SAP training courses

SAP training courses

SoftTrinity offers SAP training courses in Surat on SAP Abap Programming language. IT Professionals can find the best SAP Training course in Surat only at SoftTrinity IT Solutions.

SoftTrinity is the leading institute providing SAP training course in Surat on SAP Abap Programming language. IT Professionals can find the best SAP Training courses in Surat only at SoftTrinity IT Solutions.


SAP Training courses will include various technical modules such as:

-ABAP : Advanced Business application Programming
-XI : Exchange Infrastructure
-Net Viewer
-BIW : Business Information Warehousing

SAP Training courses includes SAP HANA :

HANA indicates High Performance Analytical Appliances.It is a system designed to high transaction rates and complex query processing.SAP HANA was previously called SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliances.

SAP Training courses will include various Functional Modules as mentioned below:

-FI Module : Financial Accounting Module
-CO Module : Controlling Module
-CRM Module : Customer Relationship Management Module
-CS Module :Customer Service Module
-EC Module : Enterprise Controlling Module
-EHS Module : Environment, Health & Safety Module
-FM Module : Fleet Management Module
-FSCM Module : Financial Supply Chain Management Module
-HR Module : Human Resources Module
-IM Module : Investment Management
-IS Module : for Industries specific solution Module
-MM Module : Materials Management Module
-PLM Module :P roduct Life Cycle Management Module
-SCM Module : Supply Chain Management Module
-SRM Module : Supplier Relationship Management Module
-SEM Module : Strategic Enterprise Management Module
-PM Module : Plant Maintenance Module
-PP Module : Production Planning Module
-Product Costing Module : Product Costing deals with Plan Costing + Actual Costing of Finish products Module
-PS Module : Project Systems Module
-QM Module : Quality Management Module
-RE Module : Real Estate Module
-SD Module : Sales and Distribution Module
-SM Module : Service Management Module
-TR Module : Treasury Module
-WM Module : Warehouse Management Module
-LO Module : Logistics General Module
-BW Module : Business (Data) Warehouse Module

Above mentioned is the list of the functional modules provided and launched by SAP ERP System studied in SAP Training Course in surat. Thus every company need only one ERP System to be installed in the organization to access and process the database of the company i.e SAP.

We can use an example for understanding the importance of single platform base SAP ERP System.

Suppose a customer placed an order for goods to Sales and Distribution department, if they are not availed with the finished goods stock they need to first ask the production department for goods. The production department need to co-ordinate with the material management department whether they are availed with the raw materials.It the raw material is not in stock they need to ask the purchase department to purchase the raw material and for that they need fund for which hey need to co-ordinate with the financial department. The finance department in return will provide fund to purchase he raw material and then the production department will start the production process. Afer completion of the production the production department will forward the same to the
sales and distribution department and then it will dispatch the goods to the final customer.

This is how the process of satisfying the needs of the customer flows. We can see that the co-ordination within the department can take too long to retain the customers. Thus there should be an system where in the every department are well in advanced known about the data and information of each and every department.So that the customers can be provided with goods as soon as possible. For which SAP ERP System is used. Every department’s data is saved and accessed by every employee in every department so that they can know how to proceed further with the customer’s order. Thus SAP ERP System replaced the outdated and time consuming software in every sector.


Software Training

Software Training

Software Training in Surat

Best Software Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is a leading Software Training centre in surat. We offer the best Software Training in Surat.


Software training in Surat

Best Software Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is a leading Software Training centre in surat. We offer the best Software Training in Surat.
We are offering training on following technologies and languages:

PHP training,BCA Project Training in Surat, MCA Project Training in Surat, BSC IT Project training in Surat,
MSC IT Project Training in Surat,B-tech Project training in Surat, Colleage Project Training in Surat,
Mobile Application Development,Android Project training in Surat,Iphone Project Training Surat,
Learn SEO in Surat, Internet Marketing Surat, PHP Project training in surat, Android project training in surat,
NET Project training in sura, Project training BCA in surat, PHP,ASP.NET,C#,Java,Android training in Surat,
Live Project Training in surat.
PHP Training in Surat:

PHP, The beauty of PHP remains in its easiness. It is easy to understand and study, especially for
those with education is in programming such as C, C++, Java and HTML. With combination of server
side and client side scripting you can create highly formatted PHP Pages which is can be used by end user
(Technical/ Non –Technical User). If non technical user can develop project in PHP, so it’s not difficult
to MCA students to develop live project in PHP.

PHP support the server interface, database interface, and other module interface.
PHP support many other open sources like Joomla, WordPress, OSCommerece, megento
and using this you can create very fast, attractive, user-friendly CMS based application.
PHP is used now days more than other programming language just because of it support the
other open source, Joomla, wordpress’s basic programming written using PHP. Using one of
the open source named OSCommerece we can easily create the E-Commerce site within minimum
no of hours.PHP is the best language for MCA students, because MCA students can get job
in IT industry by learning PHP language.
ASP Training in Surat:

ASP. net is an greta opportunity which is in greta demand. It is a new technology to be
carry out scripts on Internet Server.It permit us to create web application easily. SoftTrinity
IT Solutions provide ASP.Net Training Course that covers each and every aspects of ASP.Net in detail.
Any web application that has been created by Asp.Net is simple by nature, can be easily repair
and set out painlessly since all tasks are performed in a single development environment.

Topics included in training course are as mentioned below:

- Java script
- Introduction to .Net
- Server Controls
– Advance Server Controls
– Validation Controls
– Master Pages
– Themes & Skin
– What is IIS and IIS Configuration
- Data Management in ADO
- Data Binding in ASP.NET
- Site Navigation
- Login Controls
- State Management
– Debugging and Error Handling
ANDROID Training in Surat:

Android is an open source mobile operating system that was developed and launched by Google.
Over the years Android has taken the lead in the number of phones the operating system is installed on.
Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms and is expected to grow even faster
as tablets and smartphones have become more common.At SoftTrinity ou will learn android training
program within 10-12 weeks.It can help you to create small and large adroid based applcations.We
not only teach the students how to program, develop and visualize the apps but also the we teach
them how to sell them into the Android market place.

Topics included in ANDROID Training course are as mentioned below

- Learning with Android OS
- Multiscreen Introduction
- First Sample App Development
- All controls Media & Database
- Web Services/ API & Json Parsing
- Live Application Demo
- Testing on App on Android Phone & Tab
- Application Publishing on Google Play Store

sap training center

SAP Training Center

Best SAP Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is the first and leading SAP Training Center in Surat.SoftTrinity is the best SAP Training Center in Surat where you can get the practical training on SAP in Surat.

sap erp 2
SAP Training Center in Surat

Best SAP Training Center in Surat_SoftTrinity is the first and leading SAP Training Center in Surat.SoftTrinity is the best SAP Training Center in Surat where you can get the practical training on SAP in Surat.


SoftTrinity is the best place where you can get professional training on SAP ABAP Programming language which is a fourth generation language. There are no institutes in Surat and near by cities other than SoftTrinity SAP Training Center in Surat.

SAP ABAP Training Center in Surat:

SAP ABAP i.e. Advanced Business Application Programming which is a fourth generation language used to program and enhance the SAP applications.The language is fairly easy to learn for programmers but it is not a tool for direct use by non-programmers.It was developed in 1980s specifically for SAP R/2 Module. It also worked on for R/3 Module of SAP and now SAP’s current development platform NetWeaver supports both ABAP and Java. At SoftTrinity SAP Training Center you can get to learn many topics eg SAP Basis,
SAP systems and landscapes.

SoftTrinity IT Solutions is providing training on ABAP Language which will include below mentioned topics:

-Introduction to ABAP
-ABAP Editor
-Database Tables
-Maintainance Generator
-Search help
-Processing Data
-Exception Handling
-ALV Reports
-Interactive Reports
-Processing data wih Internal Tables
-Modularization Techniques
-Control Break Statement
-Function Module
-User Exit
-Customer Exit
-Ways of finding Exit
-Enhancement Framework

Above mentioned are the topics which would be studied and learned throught the practical training provided by the experts having professional experience of 15 years in same field. Rather IT Professionals/Freshers of Surat and near by cities who want to make their career in SAP won’t be getting any institie other than SoftTrinity as we are having monopoly of providing training on ABAP Ptogramming language. Also there are institutes in Ahmedabad and Bombay charging double than this.


SAP PP it stands for Production Planning module of SAP. It is one of the important module in SAP regards to any organization.It takes care of all the production related activities of the manufacturing firm. Taking from the requirement of raw materials for production of goods to the disptach of finished goods to sales and distribuion department all aspects are included in Production planning department and though in SAP PP module. All brief as well as detail information regarding the Bills of materials, Purchase order to the purchase department for further requirement of goods,capacity planning, re-order level,minimum requisition of goods, quotations, costing of the goods including the maintainance aspects of the production department all are included in SAP PP module.

Sub-modules of SAP PP Module are as mentioned below:

-SOP: SOP stands for Sales Operation Planning
-LTP: LTP stands for Long Term Planning
-DM: DM stands for Data Management
-MPS: MPS stands for Master Production Schedule
-CRP: CRP stands for Capacity Requirement Planning
-Shop Floor Control
-Information system


BI stands for Business Intelligence. Mostly in BI there is Historic Data or Old data. But some times you have to work also with realtime Data. It can help business users improve performance and become more effective in everything they do.You can create reports or use data for different calculations etc.


MM stands for Material Management. It deals with the day to day activities of the business in regards with the purchasing of raw materials and storage & inventory. Every module of SAP are linked and inegrated with each other.

Sub-modules of SAP MM module are as mentioned below:

-Material Planning
-Inventory Management
-Vendor Valuation
-statutory Requirement


FICO stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling. It gathers and stores the financial transaction data. Each and every transaction in cash or credit are associated with the organisation are recorded in the FICO module. Although the calcultions related to Depreciation of fixed assets or interest rate, taxation can be calculated in FICO.


HR stands for Human Resource and it is also called as HCM which is Human Capital Management. Any transaction for with the employyes of the organization are originated with the HR module of SAP say like Salary, Compensation, Bonus, OT everything could be calculated and all this data can be stored in HCM Module.

SAP Training Institutes

SAP Training Institutes

SoftTrinity IT Solutions-First SAP training institutes in Surat. we Provides best in SAP-Abap programming language SAP training institutes in Surat. SoftTrinity SAP training institute have skilled and experienced professionals providing best practical training.


SAP stands for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing which gives an organization as multifaceted services in Data Processing.SAP is an German based company established in 1972. Five IBM engineers Dietmar Hopp, Klaus Tschira, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner and Claus Wellenreuther started working on new technology and everyone in the company started criticizing them. but rather than abondoning the project they left IBM and started a new company.In June 1972 they founded “System Analysis and Program Development” and it was later changed to “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing”. In 1973 SAP launched its first commercial product SAP R/98 amd Six years later it launched SAP R/2 expanding the capabilities and usages of the software in 1981, yet for next five years SAP did not improve from any concerned area.Finally in 1992 SAP released R/3 Module for which SAP was awarded as the Industry Week’s Best Managed Companies 1999.

Softtrinity SAP training institutes is providing training to those professionals who want bright future .For the SAP HANA platform, SAP S/4HANA is the new generation of SAP Business Suite launched in 2015. There are so many benefits of using SAP including a smaller data footprint, higher throughput, faster analytics and reports, SAP HANA Cloud Platform extension, multitenancy, and faster access to data.

Softtrinity SAP Training institutes is providing training on ABAP Programming language which is a fourth generation language.Initially used ERP software were made specifically for different departments considering the requirements and functionality of each department. So every Organization before SAP needed to install different software for different departments, which was an added and higher expenditure to the firm.

SAP provides facility of inputs, sharing and processing the data base of an organization on a single platform.Data can be centralized and shared with all departments. Thus all the departments and its information gets linked with each other.All the departments can access and use the data and information of each and every department at single platform.Thus it is time as well as energy saving ERP System an organization can use.

SoftTrinity SAP training Institutes have come over in Surat for the first time for those students who are interested to make their future bright in SAP Abap Programming language.

For more information about SAP Training Institutes in Surat contact us on:

(M): 7984070703


SAP Training in surat

SAP Training in surat

Basically Softtrinity IT center is the best sap Training in surat,now to start sap ABAP training in surat with best cources and placement for SAP student’s in surat area,We are the Best SAP Training Institute in surat for Industry professionals /Freshers /job seekers /Corporates.


SAP is German company founded in June 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, SAP providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries like in oil&gas,manufacturing,trading,textile,automobile,chemical pharmacy major market. Our SAP TRAINING INSTITUTE can be effectively combined with SAP consulting services for ongoing development of your in-house SAP resources to achieve deep knowledge transfer and end-user acceptance

Softtrinity is invite you to first SAP training institutes in Surat,Gujarat,India and offers comprehensive environment training to SAP consultant and students to performs Enterprise Resource Planning and Related sap applications provided by SAP Germany,Softtrinity SAP institutes provide Standard short Duration Programs and including course with product training covering all spheres business enterprise -sales,marketing,manufacturing,planning,finance and human resource in surat,we understand the industry requirements and train SAP Erp consultant to improve their business processes,we offers to best platform with sap training in surat.

Softtrinity is the best and top sap training in surat softtrinity goal to spread highly certified SAP professionals at various organizational level across the SAP domain softtrinity provide best class room training and online SAP training in surat with hand –on practice,

softtrinity provide SAP ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programing) language programing learning platform which was developed in 1980s SAP r/3 Module made for using abap languageit was also involve by SAP customers to enhance Sap Applications and generate reports with ABAP programing and sofftinity offered best SAP training in surat.